Re-inventing Office Solutions

It’s all about our clients.  Together we can assess the needs and apply solutions to help make people’s work-lives better.

Granville Software Inc. has been re-inventing office solutions for law firms since 1998.

We are passionate about listening to client concerns and doing our best to create remarkable solutions to help our clients create their own success stories.

Re-inventing Office and Legal Document Assembly Solutions

Your success is our favorite story.

We start with the assumption that you desire efficient and cost effective tools and workflows for your legal practice. 

As hard as we’ve tried, we’ve not been able to find one single solution that works for every firm.

So we asked ourselves what we can do to help law firms achieve their goals.  The answer became obvious.  We need to ask them.

So now you know our secret.  We ask questions and listen to the answers.  Then we find the most economical way to re-invent office solutions to help our clients succeed.

Efficient Legal Document Assembly Software
'Solutions to transform your practice'

Why do we exist?

What is our mission?

To re-invent office solutions that help improve client work-lives.

What is our vision?

To improve the work-lives of lawyers and legal assistants in Alberta law firms by re-designing systems and providing excellent workflows for more stress-free days.

Granville Software Inc. helps by improving data tracking, routine tasks and document production by making them faster, more efficient, accurate and cost effective.

We strive to become viewed as solution-providers for our prospects and existing clients.  We build relationships with every client by listening to their issues and working with them to design solutions that are right for them.  Every client should have easy access to the data they need and their workflows can become easier.

Every day Granville Software Inc. works hard to ensure that we are reliable and accessible. 
We encourage people to call in with questions, concerns and support issues so we can address them promptly and continually improve the products to be just right for our clients.

Improving work-lives of lawyers and legal assistants
'Solutions to take you further'

What's important to us?

  1. Listening patiently to clients to discern their challenges and understand their needs.
  2. Communicating – using the correct tone of voice, asking thoughtful questions, taking time and caring for the needs of others.
  3. Producing quality products and services – this means we test stuff really well before it gets released.
  4. Better, not more.  Focus on improving products, systems and services for clients rather than constantly trying to get more clients.
  5. Practicing honesty, integrity and high ethical standards in business transactions and with staff.
  6. No pricing surprises.
  7. Treating our relationships with the utmost respect, honesty, fairness and openness.
  8. Being passionate about best practices.
  9. Collaborating with our client's other vendors.
  10. Acquiring the appropriate knowledge to be the solution providers our clients expect us to be.
  11. Learning from both successes and failures.
Legal Case Management Document Assembly Software
'Solutions to give you peace of mind'

What does the logo mean to us?

The triquetra became meaningful to Granville Software Inc. through the popular management book, "Good to Great", by Jim Collins.

Mr. Collins used the three intersecting circles to demonstrate the importance of focus in decision making. 

The three circles represent: loving what you do, being the best in the world at it, and making money at it.  When faced with a variety of strategic options, those fitting within the centre of the three circles ought to be given more serious consideration. 

At Granville Software we love to help make our client's work-lives better through fast, efficient and reliable software solutions.  Based on our client's responses to our work we feel that we are on track to becoming the best in the world at what we do.  As far as making money at it, we'll have to wait and see.

Granville Software Inc. Document Assembly
'Solutions to get results'