What is Remindex?

Remindex is the world-leading limitation management software for law firms developed by Granville Software Inc.

Remindex makes it simple for users to enter deadlines, reminder dates and people responsible for those deadlines. Our users tell us that this is the most reliable and trouble-free software they have ever used.

Remindex Limitations Software

What are the benefits of using Remindex?

The primary benefit of Remindex is that it eliminates worry over missed deadlines. The secondary benefits offered by Remindex are cost savings, accuracy and efficiency in managing limitation deadlines.

Cost Savings

  • Routine processes become easier to perform therefore taking less time and saving money.
  • Save time by instantly creating reminders for deadlines that span many years.
  • Create templates for every area of law so that reminder date calculations are done instantly.
  • Once the file data has been entered, Remindex takes care of delivering reminders via e-mail.


  • Remindex helps prevent data from being entered incorrectly.
  • Remindex eliminates entry of redundant data.
  • As you enter data, Remindex can check deadlines for reasonability based on criteria you setup.


  • Webster's defines efficiency as being productive of desired effects especially without loss or waste. Remindex was designed and continues to be enhanced with the user in mind.
  • When users offer suggestions for making the product more efficient, we listen and make improvements to save them even more time or give them better access to their information.

What are some great features of Remindex?

  • E-mail based reminders.
  • Reminders escalated to other firm members if they are not responded to in time.
  • An audit trail tracking all data entry and reminder notice activity.
  • An easy method for users to respond to reminders.
  • An easy method of transferring responsibilities when team members leave the firm.
  • Reminders automatically redirected when users are away from the office.
  • Templates for automatically calculating reminder dates.
  • Flexible workgroups to send reminders to everyone involved with a file.
  • Fast, informative reports.

Remindex Limitations Software Features

What are the system requirements to run Remindex?


  • Any Microsoft Windows server with a minimum of 2 gb of RAM and 10 gb of available hard drive space.
  • Virtual servers and terminals work fine as well.


  • Any Microsoft Windows personal computer with 1gb RAM and 1gb available hard drive space.
  • Any E-mail program including Office 365.

Remindex Limitations Software System Requirements

What are people saying about Remindex?

User feedback plays a critical role in our ongoing product development. It is our privilege to share some of their comments with you…

"I just want to thank you for what I call my 'dream limitation system'. You don't know how long I have been waiting for a product like this."

name withheld at user request

“It is nice to know that in situations where follow up is required 30 days out or longer, that I can input a diarization reminder and 'put the file to bed' knowing that it will not be forgotten or overlooked down the road. I'm now able to get several files off my workspace and into the filing cabinet where they are better stored... without worrying about 'out of sight, out of mind'.”

name withheld at user request

“I congratulate everyone involved at Granville Software in the design and production of this software. It is a terrific program to work with, and it only seems to get better and better with each upgrade. That certainly can't be said about other software that I've used in my work environment."

name withheld at user request

Remindex Limitations Software Testimonials