What is HotDocs?

When it comes to the generation of repetitive, rule-based documents, such as contracts, court forms, insurance forms, legal practice documents, or virtually any other type of legal documentation, HotDocs is the clear leader.

The founders of HotDocs Corporation pioneered document automation in the late 70s. The company’s first commercial product quickly became a standard among the world’s largest law firms.

With over 1 million users worldwide –including 80% of the AmLaw 200, 20% of the Fortune 500, and enterprises and agencies of all sizes – HotDocs is now the recognized global leader in the document automation software industry. It has also won virtually every industry award –including Law Office Computing Reader’s Choice Award for Document Assembly and the TechnoLawyer Reader’s Choice Award for Document Assembly and Automation.

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What are the Benefits of using HotDocs?

According to the most recent technology survey from the American Bar Association, HotDocs accounts for 53% of the US document assembly market for the legal industry. Its speed, power, and ease of use make it the tool of choice for solo practitioners, small to medium-size firms, and 80% of the Am Law 200.

Legal professionals are often bogged down by hours of tedious paperwork, wasting valuable time which could be spent serving clients. Many firms, as well, risk drafting inaccurate or out-dated documents if their current process involves manual cut-and-paste techniques.

With its scalable architecture, HotDocs can be used in a stand-alone environment or as part of a larger workflow, integrating with other databases and systems to produce error-free legal documents in a wide variety of practice areas.

Firms are using HotDocs to produce anything from simple, single-page letters and agreements to complex trusts and estate planning packages with hundreds of pages of highly customized and sophisticated provisions, all in a fraction of the time it would take to do otherwise.

HotDocs Document Assembly

What are some great features of HotDocs?

A partial list of HotDocs features is listed below: To learn how HotDocs can transform your workflow, contact us today.

  • Create one template to produce multiple customized documents.
  • Make text in the template conditional.
  • Replace changeable text in the template with variables.
  • Link templates to a database.
  • Use calculations and computations in the template.
  • Divide text in the template into clauses.
  • Insert other templates into the current template.
  • Test document generation templates and troubleshoot problems.
  • Manage components in multiple templates. 
  • Publish templates so others can use them.
  • Automate PDF form templates.

HotDocs Features

What are the system requirements to run HotDocs?


  • Any personal computer running MS Windows since Windows XP will work.
  • Terminal services (thin clients) will also work.


  • Any version of Microsoft Word back to 2010 will work with the newest version of HotDocs.

HotDocs System Requirements

What are people saying about HotDocs?

Serving over 1 million users worldwide, HotDocs offers custom solutions that can tailor to any company’s individual needs.

Read on to discover just a sample of stories about how HotDocs has worked for our customers:

"HotDocs enables Gadens Lawyers to quickly and efficiently produce quality documentation. It is of real benefit that information need only be entered once, but is then applied across multiple documents. The program design also allows for both simple and complex coding, which means our lawyers spend less time on administration and documentation, and more time on servicing client needs." - Nadine Deacon, Gadens Lawyers

"We have been a HotDocs user in a limited
manner over a number of years. This release has convinced us to roll out the application to all desktops. Document Assembly gives an excellent return on investment, and after reviewing the market, we are confident that HotDocs is the best solution." - Janet Day, Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP

"HotDocs has become such an integral part
of the way we work that it is now inconceivable that we could ever do without it." - John Naccarato, Partner, Banking & International Finance

HotDocs Testimonials